Mining and fertilizers

AC Brokerage represents various companies in mining in different areas of the World. Our main partners are:

Eurogomma Russia

Leading Russian manufacturer of polyurethane and rubber screens and liners for mineral processing plants



A leading Russian industrial company providing R&D and manufacture of rubber hoses, rubber lined steel pipes for mining and dredging

Thanks to our relationships with the phosphate mines in Jordan, Egypt and Israel, AC Brokerage offers a comprehensive range of fertilizers to our Clientele in agriculture.
Please download our fertilizer catalogue at this link


The Afri-Tech Power Nozzle, developed and distributed by Afri-Tech in South Africa, is a patent-pending, self-cleaning spray nozzle designed with two goals in mind:
  • to use process water without the nozzle getting blocked
  • to be one of the most efficient washing nozzles on the market with its double-washing spray action
Link to the website of Afri-Tech to read about case studies, installations, benefits and applications